There is no Free Energy

Projective geometry is all geometry; that is euclidean, Reinman, Hilbert, non-euclidean, all other geometries are special cases of projective geometry. Physical reality is a reflection (and vice versa) of this geometry. Space in the sense of projective geometry is bi-polar, that is, it is three dimensional at its “center” and two dimensional at its “periphery”. For example, a sphere with an infinite radius has a surface which is both “flat” and “curved” simultaneously. “Centric”, three dimensional, space is the place of physical “forces” and physical events, which “forces” are strongest at the “center”. Peripheral or ethereal space is the place of etheric (or life) “forces”, which are strongest at the periphery. “In the organic world we often have to do with forms arranged in layers more or less eccentrically about some nucleus or kernel. If we imagine such a process to have been brought about etherically – from the periphery instead of from within – quite new possibilities are opened out for the interpretation of such living forms.” (Adams pp. 45, Physical and Ethereal Spaces’)

Wherever we have to do with matter, or what we ordinarily consider as mass centered spatially extant bodies, we also have to do with a polar aspect, a counter-spatial (ethereal) component “In all mechanical systems, be they at rest, be they in motion, elastic forces are involved—with every displacement of elastic balance, however small, shades of warmth arise…[leading to].. revelation of the dynamic interplay of space and counterspace…elastic resistant forces of matter have to do with something-ethereal.” (Adams, pp. 2, Universal Forces In Mechanics).Now space, according to this view, is created by Beings out of Light. Light is here used in the sense that Goethe developed in his Theory of Color, whereby color is a result of the “deeds and sufferings” of Light. At the centric pole of space, the relevant Beings create weight or what we experience as gravity, and at the ethereal pole is created warmth (recall the surprising discovery that the background radiation of cosmic space is not absolute zero as expected, but in fact reveals the presence of heat phenomena, erroneously interpreted as evidence of the big bang).

The result is that all events which occur on the Earth where Nature unfolds her normal activity, and where man resides, occur within two primary “fields”; a centric or gravity “field” and an ethereal or levity “field”. (This and the following material are to be found in Lehrs’ Man or Matter.) All matter is gravity bound Light, into which is woven a portion of bound levity. The various traditional chemical elements represent different proportions and balances of the gravity and levity “fields”. One investigates these different proportions when one investigates the oxidation (combustion) properties of various kinds of matter. Again, in the properties of the table of elements (the periodic table), one finds the “musical” relation of these various proportions. Certain other relations are to be found in the different magnetic and electric properties of various kinds of matter.

Matter then is a property of light under special conditions of space (Darkness).

Phenomenal Nature, i.e. matter in all its forms, is divided into four kingdoms. One can account for all the properties (or most all) of the Mineral and the Plant kingdoms through the complex interactions of the two “fields”, i.e. gravity and levity–life or etheric–never forgetting meanwhile that at their root is the activity of Beings. The kingdoms of Man and of the Animal possess, in addition to matter and life, the properties of inwardness (consciousness) which both man and animal possess, and for man alone, the property of self awareness.

This phenomenal Nature, with its matter, life, inwardness and self consciousness has two boundaries, an upper and a lower. At the upper boundary is the threshold across which the relevant Beings act, that is the boundary across which “creative” deeds flow. Beyond the lower border, in the realm of sub-nature lie the “fallen” deeds, the fallen light and chemical ethers as described by Rudolf Steiner.

When we subject matter to certain transformations we “rouse” from its enchanted sleep this “fallen light”, i.e. electricity. This one passive “power” becomes available for our use, but due to its intrinsic nature, tends to lead civilization — to “stamp” civilization — with certain qualities. Thus we have a civilization fascinated, in fact enthralled, with its technological innovation, but blind to the consequences. For what we do to matter when we extract from it the electrical “power” latent in it is to age it. We hasten the cosmic aging of the Earth through the electrification of our civilization. (This also is the key to the yet to be understood medical disorders connected to this electrification.)Thus, when we produce a device which is able to generate greater output than input, we have found a way to transmute matter through the interaction of its vibratory (musical) properties, and its electrical properties (gravity/levity balance). We have to keep in mind that the levity “field” is coextensive with the whole cosmos, so that when we alter that “field” where it is bound up with the gravity “field” in matter, we also alter it simultaneously at the cosmic periphery. The energy produced is not free, but in fact involves the aging and transmutation of the whole cosmos. We have extracted a “power” which was previously bound up in Nature, and this alters the whole of Nature.

To understand this process of “aging” a bit better, we need to enter into the old doctrine of the elements (which remains true, just misunderstood), i.e. the problems of fire, earth, air and water, and the related qualities of dry, moist, warm and cold. This old doctrine was based on a very goetheanistic observation of Nature, which did not impose theories, but rather tried simply to describe Nature as carefully and accurately as possible.

Included in the doctrine of the elements is the idea of ponderable and imponderable substances. Michael Faraday, who is responsible for the fundamental observation of electrical and magnetic “field” theory, used just this terminology. Ponderable substances are those which have material density and weight. Fire and Air are imponderables, and do not refer to the air we breath or the flame we observe, but rather to certain qualitative characteristics. Consider the following statements from Lehrs: