There is no Free Energy

“The element Fire reveals its attributes of warm and dry in a behavior which combines a tendency to dynamic expansion with a disinclination to enter into lasting combinations with the other elements. Thus the attribute, dry, belongs equally to pure flame and sheer dust, though for opposite reasons. Distinct from both these elements are the middle elements Water and Air; with them the attribute, moist, comes to expression in their tendency both to interpenetrate mutually and to absorb their neighbors — the liquid element absorbing solid matter and the aeriform element taking up heat. What distinguishes them is that water has a ‘cold’ nature, from which it gains its density while air has a ‘warm’ nature, to which it owes its tendency to expand.” (pp. 200, Man or Matter)

“…a magnetic field imparts to the relevant part of space qualities of density which otherwise prevail only in the interior of solid masses… the appearance of electricity… is caused by the loosening of the coherence of the material substance. A similar loosening of the coherence of the magnetic field takes place when its field-lines are cut by the movement of the conductor across it Just as heat occurs when we move a solid object through a liquid, electricity occurs when we move a conductor across a magnetic field. In each case we interfere with an existing levity-gravity relationship.” (pp. 235, Man or Matter)

“…with every act of setting electromagnetic energies in motion we interfere with the entire levity-gravity balance of our planet by turning part of the earth’s coherent substance into cosmic ‘dust’.” (pp. 239. Man or Matter)

These facts make for an enormous re­sponsibility.

One further refinement can be made. Those who seek after these secrets of Nature have a choice, a moral choice. This moral choice is personal, i.e. there is no absolute idea outside us which compels us, but rather it is a question of whether we ask ourselves just how responsible are we willing to be. It is plain from a study of those personalities who have made discoveries in science (even those who are goetbeanists, and therefore largely unknown), that what one finds out that is true and not illusory (and seductive) is dependent upon how one approaches Nature. Lehrs’ book is the best guide for this, for Nature is Herself desirous of letting Herself be known to those who approach with the right motives in their hearts. Sometimes it will come to such people to know things, but not to be able to produce them, to introduce them into civilization and to profit financially from them. The satisfaction has to be in the achievement of the right understanding. When investigations are made with an awakened conscience as to what may property be done with that understanding, then there are no secrets which Nature will withhold.

It has been my hope, in writing these brief paragraphs, to point toward an ongoing work which I believe will be of definite interest to the reader. I will end by making my own view as clear as possible.

The production of electricity, which has always been a very mysterious process, is in fact an act which steals from Nature the power by which matter is made coherent. Electrification destroys order, but on a subtle level; that is, the diminution of the levity-gravity balance does not immediately cause matter to ‘fall apart’, rather it ‘ages’ the matter, weakens it and makes it less resistant to other forces.

We stand, especially in terms of the investigation of Keely and Tesla, upon the threshold of further ‘discoveries/inventions’ revealing even deeper and more significant ways of deriving energy, for our desires, from electrical, magnetic and vibratory phenomena. To the extent we act in ignorance of the real consequences, we place ourselves in the danger of leading our civilization along a course determined not by our own free moral deeds, but rather by the seductive power of the energy (Being) itself.

It is not any accident of mythology that the ‘snake power’, the pranja of Eastern Kundalini practices, is sometimes thought to be related to the seemingly mechanical powers connected to electricity. Nor is it an accident that the ‘serpent’ is the great tempter of man in the Garden of Eden. Even materialistic science recognizes that the universe is a whole and can only be understood on the basis of principles which encompass its total nature. Which to me means Nature’s Being, consciousness, and moral characteristics.