Thermodynamics & Free Energy

Learning how to tap the non-thermodynamic forces in nature is the hope of the future. A modern society needs light, heat, and motive power, all of which can be derived directly from the Etheric Energy Field without consuming limited physical resources owned by monopoly interests.

In this society, theoretical science has been elevated to a very high level of prestige. Under this system of belief, the real needs of humanity have not been well served. It is time that these incorrect theories be carefully examined and discarded, so that experimental science can once again take the leading role in defining the nature of physical reality. Only then will Etheric Science be free to offer its bounty of solutions to a desperate and waiting world.


1) The Cancer Biopathyby Dr. Wilhelm Reich

2) Man or Matterby Ernst Lehrs, Rudolf Steiner Press

3) The Cosmic Pulse of Lifeby Trevor James Constable

4) Warmth Courseby Rudolf Steiner, Mercury Press

5) Cosmic Formative Forcesby Guenter Wachsmuth

6) The Vril Compendiumby Gerry Vassilatos

7) Loom of the Future by Trevor James Constable