Were the Oceans Once in the Skies?

Men could look out through the gigantic horseshoe of iridescent color in the northern heavens and see certain groups of stars, before they could catch a glimpse of the greater heavenly bodies.

The ancient Greeks called this northern opening the Tholos, or “bowl.” We shall hear more of this Tholos in the lectures that are coming. The point now is: in through this polar opening came blasts of icy air, because on the outer—or upper—side of that greenhouse roof it must have been much colder than beneath it. Thus the polar ice-caps were congealed. As one traveled from these ice-caps toward the equator, the heat naturally in­creased. Therefore the ocean waters became warmer and attracted the ice, or “bit back” into it. Those avalanches of celestial snow were therefore dis­gorging their loads of earth-making material ceaselessly—and still the pro­cess goes on, and is going on right at this moment in all the polar oceans and waters adjacent to them.

The infusion of igneous matter laterally into the strata as pressure made heat from the weight of it, not only raised our coastal mountain chains but broke the crust up into millions upon millions of rock prisms. Sometimes these prisms were held together by keystone stress; sometimes they rested deep, deep down on submarine strata or molten matter. But wherever great fields of them showed an edge of the mass, there we have an earthquake fault, grossly misunderstood by the average layman.

Before we go into a study of some of the great earthquake areas of the earth, whose activities have also been responsible for contributing theological notions to human concepts of divine wrath, we should give attention to the introduction of animate life to this partially-cooled earth-crust, and what the condition of that crust must have been in various places on the globe before mankind reached his present physical stature.

Tomorrow morning, however, before considering the life that once must have existed in those water-rings, and on the earth’s surface after those rings fell with their aqueous content, we will discuss the strange contours of the continents, particularly North America, in a time when the Mississippi River ran northward.

We shall see as we proceed with these entrancing subjects that there is absolutely nothing which happens in life, which happens in the privacies of our own souls, or in the vast universe which we label Cosmos, that has ever come into being without serving some purpose—some stupendously constructive purpose.

We cannot say in any place that God in His processes has “slipped up.” To call any type of cataclysm or catastrophe an accident, is to profess our own ignorance of the causes at work behind them.

When we pass out into a consideration of that which is transpiring even further than 17,000 miles in the skies, whether through the agency of the modern telescope, or by methods called psychometric, we come gradu­ally to a concept of a God so much greater than the little anthropomorphic vision that humanity has of Him, as to make the most profound theology of the present mere folklore in turn.

The Bible’s chronology of creational event is true, so true as to be terrific. Let us not be blinded by the little dogmas of little men, therefore, seeking to enslave us by their hazards at Infinity . . .

—William Dudley Pelley.


Sixth Lesson-Lecture

WITH THIS Extension Course you are a Fellow of Galahad College, entering into a phase of instruction, similar to that being given to those who are attending the College in person. Through answering the following questions you will establish the necessary background for the succeeding Lesson-Lectures which we will then send to you. Of equal importance, it will allow us to build up an intimate contact which will be of inestimable value as we proceed into the deeper essentials of the instruction.

1Did Holy Spirit create substance? Explain orbits.

2What is the regular cycle of a planet, and the relative age of our earth, sun and moon?

3What were the “waters in the firmament” and why were they sus­pended and precipitated?

4What is the origin of coal and mineral strata and why are they great­est near the poles?

5What is the evidence that glaciers and earthquakes are increasing?

Answers should be typed, if possible, with the name of the student at the top of the sheet, using only one side of the paper. It will help if the paper is of uniform size, preferably 8-1/2 by 11 inches or regular letterhead size.

The student may use his own discrimination in the length of his answers, writing enough to compactly cover his thoughts on the subject. Where papers are exceptionally fine the Faculty may give special comment and provide additional opportunities for advanced in­formation.

Correctness of answers to questions will be determined as rapidly as possible. In our periodical reply, for the complete satisfaction of the student, additional references may be made to other publications and Scripts.

If the student is prompt in mailing his papers. Mr. Pelley suggests that he write for an arrangement to receive more than one Extension Lecture a week, so that in this urgent period he may reach a completeness in this knowledge, as quickly as possible.

Extension Fellowship Asheville, N. C.


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You have been educated by a form of per­nicious censorship over real information that should be yours. You have accepted the “teachings” of materialistic instructors, striv­ing to interpret the times purely from the finite standpoint.

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